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W.F.T. ToolKit ®


How To Open Foil Pouch

  • Locate the red arrows on the foil pouch.


  • Peel the foil layer off completely and dispose of it properly.



DO NOT PUNCTURE the remaining sealed pouch that contains the light brown coaster lure.

DO NOT REMOVE the light brown coaster lure from the pouch. (The clear layer is a slow release material that allows the aggregation pheromone to release over a 5 week period).


Assembly Instructions

Attaching W.F.T. PheroLure® to Blue Card

  • Attach the Blue Card to the U bend in the wire.


  • Insert the wire through the hole in the corner of the foil pouch.
  • Slide the sealed pouch down to the N bend of the wire.


  • The Lure should hang 90 mm above the Blue Card, preventing the Lure from touching it.



Life Cycle