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thermometerThe pheromone lures are supplied in an aluminium foil pouch. This protects them against sunlight and contamination.

The lures are provided individually wrapped in a foil pouch or in bulk of a 100 lures.

The lures should be stored at a temperature below 10° C. Lures kept under these conditions will retain their activity and attractancy for a minimum of 12 months.

Bulk storage of lures for periods of 24 months or longer is possible by refrigeration at temperatures around 4° C. Insect Science® does not recommend storing lures for more than 3 years. The pheroLure® pouches have a declared period of four weeks of activity after opening. After this time, the expired pheroLure® should be replaced.




The old lure should be completely removed from the area and destroyed to prevent interference with the freshly replaced lure.