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Red Scale Infestation Chart



Red Scale Infestation Indication Chart was developed to assist growers to understand the live cycle of the red scale and to enhance the ease of counting by comparing the scale cards recovered from the field with the actual size cards illustrated. At the bottom of the chart is a weekly reminder sheet the grower can make on when he should replace the C.R.S. PheroLure®. These PheroLures last for a period of 5 weeks after placement in the field. The infestation chart will also assist the grower to calculate the degree-day module to determine crawler movement to time chemical application.


Once scale cards are recovered from the field the grower compare scale cards to the illustrated cards on the chart to determine the population range without actually counting all the red scale males on both of the scale cards. Follow then the degree-day module to time crawler movement.

Apply Rate:

One per farm or one per technical advisors office


Height: 590 mm
Length: 810 mm
Weight: 200 grams


Sold individually

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