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Extension Poles



This aluminium Extension Poles are used to apply our Last Call™ range for tree crops into the top one third of the trees. Extension poles come in two different sizes a 1.5-meter pole that is mainly used in Citrus, Apples and Pear production or similar height crops. The 2.5-meter pole is used in Macadamia’s orchards or for higher than 4.0-meters crops.


extention-pole-with-last-cThe Last Call™ tube slides into the top part of the extension pole; at the bottom of the pole is a trigger and cable that runs to the top of the pole. The tube’s pump head is squeezed which in turn produces a standard size droplet of 50 micro litres. Once the droplet is produce wipe is off against the leave.


Length: 1,5 m
Weight: 1,350 grams (1,35 kg)
Length: 3,0 m
Weight: 1,900 grams (1,9 Kg)


Single Extension Pole

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