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Dichlorvos Blocks



These foil pouches contain two square Dichlorvos blocks, which are used inside McPhail, Sensus, Moroccan and all Bucket Funnel Traps™ to knock down any insects entering these traps.


To knock down all insects entering traps to assist in the ease of counting insects during weekly inspection.

Apply Rate:

One dichlorvos block per trap and replaced every 6 weeks.

Mode of Action:

These dichlorvos block contain 195 g / Kg of dichlorvos and once placed inside the trap it starts to release a gas that will knock down all insect entering the trap.


Length: 100 mm
Width: 65 mm
Weight: 6 g


2 per pack
100 bulk foil pouch
Store in cool place at all times and use surgical gloves when handling these blocks.

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