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Last Call ™ F.F.



last-call-f.fLast Call ™ F.F. is a biological product used for effective control of three Fruit Fly species (Ceratitis capitata; Ceratitis rose; Ceratitis cosyra). This unique formulation, which contains E.G.O. pheromone and a contact insecticide in a protective, slow-release, paste-like matrix, is a new breakthrough in sustainable pest control. This exciting technology combines the most understood aspects of pheromone chemistry and conventional chemistry creating a product that has greater benefits and is far more efficient than ever before. A small, calibrated droplet is applied to a few leaves per row in the orchard. The product Last Call ™ F.F. utilizes the pheromone in such a way that it mimics the insect’s natural behaviour. The pheromone in the droplet “calls” the male fly of the species to mate with the droplet. When the fly comes into contact with the droplet, it picks up enough insecticide to kill it within minutes, thereby depleting the entire population, which results in unfertile eggs and prevention of future generations, leaving your orchard pest free.


By eliminating the male species in the population, the eggs are left unfertile and consequently the insect level is lowered below an economical threshold. This new technology inhibits chemical pesticide resistance and promotes the natural beneficial insect population. Last Call ™ F.F. can be used on its own, in combination with conventional chemistry or within an IPM program.

Fact File:

Last Call ™ F.F. targets only three Fruit Fly species (Mediterranean, Natal & Marula) and has no negative effect on beneficial insects. This product is rain resistant, residue free, environmentally friendly and safe for workers to handle during application.


E.G.O Pheromone 10 %
Permethrin insecticide 6 %
Protective paste 84 %


Last Call ™ F.F. is applied at 150 grams/Ha


Apply Last Call ™ F.F. on to the leaves of the top third of the tree.
Extension poles are used for ease of application.

Dimensions: Tube

Length: 170 mm
Width: 45 mm
Weight: 150 grams

Dimensions: Pump Head

Length: 70 mm
Width: 120 mm
Weight: 16 grams


25 x tubes per box.

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